Tuesday, September 25, 2007

...and I thought mine was bad!

I was by talking to my aunty about my own mother in law who said that she thinks her 33 year old son (and my husband of two years) might want to leave me and move interstate and 'home' with her!

My aunty (English born, female, doctor) topped this with her own tale of woe: when she met her mother in law for the first time she was greeted with "I don't like English people, I don't like girls and I don't like doctors."

This made me feel much better about my lot in life and I want to share this joy with others - by sharing stories of the worst things that other mothers in law have said and done, with daughters in law everywhere in a book I'm writing.

Every story will of course be kept completely anonymous - though the mothers in law we're talking about aren't likely to pick up this kind of book in the first place!

You can contact me at: leah@mpowercct.com or Leah Bryan, PO Box 4499, Elanora, Qld 4221. If you'd prefer to tell me your story over the phone you're welcome to email me with your details and I can call you at a time that suits you.

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